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Creating Audiobooks with ACX

Maximize your audience reach by creating a digital audiobook through Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). ACX streamlines the production and distribution process for your digital audiobook, leveraging innovative Kindle features like Whisper sync for Voice and Immersion Reading to engage readers in new ways.

Utilize ACX's marketplace of professional audiobook producers to produce your audiobook and earn royalties of up to 40%. With access to a vast pool of talented audiobook producers, actors, and studios, available for hire on a fee basis or through a royalty-sharing partnership, ACX offers comprehensive production options. Additionally, ACX facilitates distribution to leading audiobook retailers,, iTunes, and their global partners.

Get started with ACX free and take advantage of special offers like Whisper sync for Voice functionality, enabling seamless transitions between reading and listening experiences across devices. Audiobooks created through ACX are also compatible with Immersion Reading, enhancing the reading experience for customers with Fire HD devices.

Utilize Our Broad Network of Voice Over Talent

An audiobook is a nuance of art that calls for high level of accuracy, particularly with the process of hiring a voice-over artist who can completely embody all the characters in the story. We have a team of voice over professionals with various top grades that they can bring out your plot’s storylines characters. Highly experienced in English, Hindi, and Bengali, artists from our team offer proficiency in all three languages to enrich our book audiobook production process.

Below is a standard procedure for creating audiobooks on ACX:

Manuscript Preparation: Before the actual production phase begins, it is a great idea to have the book manuscript thoroughly edited and polished the maximum possible way in order to make it presentable.

Narrator or Producer Selection: You can make a choice to find out an ideal narrator from ACX or collaborate with your trusted producer if you happen to pick him for the project.

Production Phase: The narrator goes ahead with how he has done the audiobooks and the quality. His clarity of voice, pace, and over-all sound is what he focuses on.

Review Process: Audiobooks are usually produced based on an author’s approval, involving a full comparison of the material with the author’s expectation, and correcting any kind of errors noted.

Distribution Stage: Once the approval is obtained, the audio book is uploaded into ACX for distribution through channels including Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.
For the technical features like noise reduction and mastering, it is a necessity to be consistent to ACX and the specified standards to make sure the audio quality fulfills the necessary requirements for distributing to the listeners.