Author Website Design

Obtain Simple and User-Friendly Websites

Understanding the many tasks authors handle, from brainstorming new books to overseeing websites, we aim to ease your burden. Our method involves creating simple yet innovative websites, freeing you to concentrate on creativity instead of website complexities. Specifically designed for authors, our websites offer an intuitive update system for easy content management. Elevate your online presence and expand your readership effortlessly with our artistically crafted websites, optionally optimized for improved visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) through SEO.

Experience Our Outstanding Team of Designers and Writers

The Kindle Publishing Agency is aimed at helping you with your site design and branding. Our technical competent and professional designers, programmers, and creators are able to provide you with customized web design and branding to suit your required taste and situation. Taking the newest status in front of design trends makes, a website generation processes company. With the skills to make CMS work in your favor or develop a site from scratch, our team works with you to design a website that is not just the cream of the crop in terms of the visuals used, but also is highly intuitive; in other words, it allows a user to find the info that they are looking for in an easy, stress-free manner, for this demonstrates your personality on a deeper level. The sites we built are real assets in regards of marketing and branding awareness of your brand.

Author Website Design


Order Details

To initiate an order on our website, simply complete a brief form with necessary details. Our managers will then extend a warm welcome to you as they process your request.


Research & Outline Draft

We will select the ideal candidate to design your website, who will conduct comprehensive research on your site and create an outline. You will have the opportunity to review and approve the outline before proceeding.


First Webpage Approval

Given the green light, the designer will be in position to start the development of the primary webpage with the idea of immediately connecting and causing a great first impact on visitors. When the developer finishes the page an approval is sent via email, after the author is satisfied with the first webpage the other would be made in the same manner which ensure to live up to the ideas and requirements of the author.


Editing & Proofreading

Our team members review the design to ensure its integrity and make necessary adjustments as needed.


Final Formatting, Typesetting & Designing

After undergoing thorough scrutiny and receiving approval from multiple team members, the design's format and structure are finalized based on the author's preferences.


Website Launch

Upon completion of the website, it is launched with the aim of generating high traffic through SEO-rich content and effective marketing strategies.

Ensure Your Author Website's Security Today!

Just like an engaging book cover, an author's website design should evoke a significant emotional connection with its visitors. Acting as the central hub for online marketing and branding efforts, your author's website holds immense importance. Do not delay! Contact us today to embark on the process of creating and designing your distinctive website. It represents one of the most powerful ways to interact and establish connections with your audience.

A Premier Provider of Exceptional Website Design Services for Authors

We comprise of well-skilled team members that handle the writing, editing and proofreading. While we address this particular specialty on our Web site design, our designers have experienced specially in creating writing sites designed for authors We know that for an author to have an official site that correctly expresses their personality is crucial in making his/her existence known to the public. Through our expertise, experience, and the tools we possess in our arsenal, we focus on making websites that suit your needs and more importantly, provide innovative solutions. Our neat and tidy designs will allow visitors of the author's information to get a clear picture of it while still not bathing their eyes with unintended nuances. Staying in the memory viewer’s memory is our strategic point, and the viewer is able to keep his interest for your site.